Safe to use thanks to the cloud-based SaaS solution

cloud based saas oplossing

Het elektronisch sluitsysteem voor lockers en/of uitgiftesystemen van LoQit biedt vele voordelen. Met het slimme lockersysteem bespaart u niet alleen veel ruimte, tijd en kosten. Uw lockers zijn bovendien altijd goed bereikbaar en beveiligd dankzij onze cloud-based SaaS-oplossing.

More about the Locker Management System and KUARIO app

locker management systeem

The LoQit electronic locking system is a safe and flexible total solution for lockers and/or vending systems. The system is characterized by the flexible and user-friendly facilities based on the self-management principle. The purpose of this is to unburden the administrator, by giving the user more independence. In this article, we will tell you exactly what this means and how this works.

SaaS: a flexible total solution for locking systems

software as a service sluitsysteem

A unique, innovative concept that responds to the optimal and flexible use of lockers: the SaaS solution, beter known as Software as a Service. This solution offers many advantages, and one of the biggest advantages is that you are completely unburdened in the field of ICT.