Sluitysteem oplossingen op maat voor elk lockersysteem

User-friendly high-tech platform

Met een decennia lange ervaring op het gebied van het veilig opbergen heeft LoQit een state-of-the-art elektronisch sluitsysteem oplossing ontwikkeld voor lockers en uitgiftesystemen. Een zeer gebruiksvriendelijk en intuïtief hightech platform voor zowel gebruikers als beheerders van lockersystemen gericht op het zo efficiënt mogelijk maken van de bedrijfsvoering. De veiligheid is gewaarborgd met functionaliteiten van het Microsoft Azure cloud-platform. Indien gewenst kunt u het lockermanagement als service afnemen en het lockermanagementsysteem koppelen of integreren met bestaande systemen. Neem gerust contact us to see which solution best suits your company/customer.

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Locker Management

To keep the management burden of the administrator as low as possible, LoQit has been developed on the pillars of 'Self-Management'. The manager is given a more monitoring task. The settings for use can be adjusted remotely, such as creating groups and type of users and associated configuration such as paying/non-paying and large/small locker. The user becomes more independant with regard to managing and using his or her locker. With the LoQit app, the user can, for example, easily link cards to his or her account and pay for the use of the locker (and possibly also other applications such as the coffee machine or copier).

Cloud based

LoQit guarantees security by using all functionalities within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The user information is stored within the Microsoft Azure environment according to the GDPR (AVG) guidelines. The Azure datacenters are:

  • ISO 27001/27002 certified for information security
  • SOC1/SOC2 and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 certified


All data traffic that takes place between the lockers and the Locker Management Software is sent via HTTPS (TLS) encryption.

Software as SaaS-model

Do you wish to be completely unburdened in the field of ICT? At LoQit you have the option to purchase the complete locker management as a service. Your systems are always up to date in terms of security and functionality. Moreover, you can easily scale up and add functionalities.

System Integration

LoQit is always looking for the best solution for you. You may already be using, for example, a security, smart building, HR or facility management system. The flexibility of the LoQit locker management system makes it possible to easily link or even integrate with your existing systems. The goal: to create the most efficient possible working method for all employees and users.