Advantages of dynamic locker use in healthcare

With LoQit's electronic locker system you provide your staff with a user-friendly and safe place to store personal items. Your employees no longer have to worry about their belongings and can fully concentrate on what is really important: their work as a healthcare professional. 

Fixed or dynamic locker use

The lockersystem of LoQit offers you the possibility to allocate lockers to your employees both permanently and dynamically. Employees can be assigned their own locker or a different locker at a time. These options can also co-exist. The dynamic use in particular is very interesting in healthcare and provides a number of important advantages.

Dynamic locker use saves a lot of space

Lockers generally take up a lot of floor space and experience shows that not all lockers are used. A shame, because this is a huge waste of time, money and space. Dynamic locker use changes that. This offers the opportunity to meet the storage needs of the same group of people with fewer lockers.

Suppose 1500 people work within the organization. With 'fixed' locker use, each employee is assigned their own locker. While with dynamic locker use you often need half (!) fewer lockers. This saves a lot of space!

Time savings for your facility team

LoQit's electronic locking system saves your facility team a lot of time. Keys and manual locker allocation are a thing of the past with the digital Locker Managent System. In this system, you as an administrator can control everything remotely. Add and manage users, configure locker groups or individual lockers, keep track of occupancies, and much more. Users can arrange (almost) everything themselves in the digital app. Even if an employee has lost her or his locker card, the administrator does not have to do anything; the employee can arrange this completely independently. 

Lower costs

Fewer lockers, of course, also means lower costs. Thanks to the dynamic use of the lockers, you can suddenly get by with half as many lockers. And on top of that is the time savings of your facility team. The allocation of lockers can be automated and all administrative actions associated with 'traditional' lockers can be omitted. 

Time restrictions

It is possible to link time restrictions to dynamic locker use. This way you can guarantee the availability of the lockers for the next service at all times. The time restrictions prevent your employees from 'claiming' lockers. You can also easily release the lockers for cleaning with this function. All lockers can be opened without handles using the push-to-open function. 

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Security and privacy in smart locker solutions

At a time when technology is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, smart locker solutions are a welcome addition for companies and institutions. These innovative systems not only provide convenient storage options, but also a seamless and efficient user experience. At LoQit we have more than ten years of experience in safely storing valuables. Our state-of-the-art electronic locking system is not only easy to use, but also maintains the highest standards of security and privacy.

Optimizing space constraints with smart lockers

Our premium locker solutions provide effortless access, unparalleled security and seamless management of personal belongings. To meet the diverse needs of users, we offer a variety of identification methods. Think of access cards, fingerprints, pin codes, RFID, QR codes and smartphone apps. For example, a fitness enthusiast can enter a pin code to open his locker, while an office worker uses his access card. These different methods ensure ultimate ease of use and personalization.