The advantages of a wired electronic locking system

Employees, students and/or other visitors all want to be able to store their belongings safely. As an administrator, you want this to be as little work as possible. No time-consuming matters with lost keys or lockers that do not function because the battery is empty. A wired electronic locking system such as LoQit is the perfect solution for all these matters.

A electronic locker system can be supplied with power in two ways: via mains power and via a battery. At LoQit we only work with a locker system connected to mains power. We have of course not made this choice for nothing, because it brings many advantages. One of the main advantages is that a wired system – as the name suggests – is connected to the network. Not only in terms of power supply but also in terms of internet. This works much more stable compared to a battery-operated system that is prone to failure.

Environmentally friendly system

A locker equipped with a wired electronic locking system such as LoQit entails low maintenance costs. Once connected, the system will last for years. If it eventually needs to be replaced, the lockers can be almost completely recycled. A battery-powered system, on the other hand, does not contribute to a green footprint of the building. Firstly, the batteries have to be replaced regularly - which entails maintenance costs - and then they are often discarded. 

A battery-powered system has the disadvantage that part of the lock is always visible on the outside of the door. A wired electronic locking system such as LoQit is built into the locker. The outside of the locker door is therefore completely flat and gives a calm appearance. Because the wired electronic locking system is mounted on the inside of the locker, there is room for, for example, a USB charging point and LED lighting.

Flexible operation and integration with systems

You can operate a wired electronic locking system such as LoQit in several ways. With a pin code, RFID card, via login details on the terminal and with a QR code. And because the system is connected to the net and hosted in the cloud, you can easily integrate the system with other systems. This way you can have all systems work together and work even more efficiently. 

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A battery-powered system is limited to a pin code and RFID card. These systems can also only be linked to other systems through the intervention of external devices. However, this solution often leads to noise and instability. 

Simple locker management

Another big advantage of a wired electronic locking system such as LoQit, which is hosted in the cloud, is that you have remote access to your locker(s) anytime, anywhere. Both users and administrators. This makes it easy for users to reserve and operate a locker. Administrators keep an overview of the management of the lockers at all times. As an administrator you can also easily group lockers in the system by type of user, function and use itself. In addition, LoQit has the great advantage that paid locker use possible with her system. Battery powered systems are much more limited in configuration. Opening is also limited to a pop-to-open function and LoQit supports both pop-to-open and push-to-open.

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