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Flexible solutions for your locker system

With decades of experience in the field of safe storage, LoQit has developed a state-of-the-art electronic locking system. This fits in perfectly with the requirements and wishes of today and tomorrow. A very user-friendly and intuitive high-tech platform for both users and administrators of locker systems aimed at making your business operations as efficient as possible. Whatever industry you work in, LoQit will provide a customized solution for your business, possibly integrated into your existing systems.


Intuitive and user friendly system allows the administrator to optimize locker usage.


Low management burden for the manager and great independence for the user through the application of 'self-management'.

Cloud management

At LoQit you have the possibility to purchase the complete locker management as a service.

System Integration

The flexibility of the LoQit lock management system makes it easy to link or even integrate.

Some of our customers

Flexible in use

Whether operated on a central terminal, with a card or a mobile device,
it's all possible with LoQit's locking system.

Tailor-made for each sector


With its years of experience in the education market, LoQit has gained a clear insight into the use of lockers by students and students as well as the management of lockers by concierges and building managers. 


Smart offices call for smart solutions that fit today's requirements, for setting up the modern and flexible workplace. With the LoQit platform you can facilitate your employees to store their or your valuables safely.


We have a locking system that seamlessly connects to the way of working within hospitals and healthcare institutions. Your employees can do their important work, while their valuables are stored safely and flexibly.

Changing rooms

A suitable system for use in both public changing rooms in, for example, gyms and swimming pools, as well as in company changing rooms. Dynamically adjustable so that lockers can be used temporarily and anonymously.

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