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With decades of experience in the field of safe and smart storage, LoQit has developed a state-of-the-art electronic locking system for lockers. Our mission is to enable our customers to offer flexible and user-friendly facilities in the field of safe storage. The electronic locking system, together with the Software as a Service model (SaaS), forms a safe and flexible solution that is characterized by more independence for the user and unburdening the administrator. All this within a secure cloud-based environment.


LoQit is a Dutch high-tech company that originated from years of expertise in the locker market. In the strongly digitizing market, more and more use was made of technologies from the world of access control. This quickly led to the need for an electronic locking system for lockers with a high degree of flexibility and variety of access methods, such as cards, smartphones and terminal use. LoQit has responded to this by developing a solution that is perfectly tailored to lockers in the form of a wired electronic locking system with advanced software.

Cloud software-applicatie voor locker-management (VIA20S032)

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LoQit BV (ww.loqit.nl) ontwikkelt en vermarkt innovatieve flexibele elektronische sluitsystemen voor opbergmeubilair, zoals bijvoorbeeld lockers.

Omdat de sloten de centrale functionaliteit binnen deze lockersystemen vormen, worden in toenemende mate overkoepelende besturingssystemen gebruikt om beschikbaarheid, bezetting, maar bijvoorbeeld ook online reserveringen etc. te beheren en af te handelen (bijv. qua betalingen).

De doelstellingen is om een eigen cloud-based applicatie te laten ontwikkelen ten behoeve van het beheer van lockersystemen (en daarmee de bijbehorende elektronische sloten).

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Due to the ongoing developments in the digital market, LoQit is regularly looking for new colleagues. Do you have a passion for technical developments and do you want to be part of a team of experienced professionals?

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