Vending en rental

Smart and secure locking system for vending and rental

Offer your customers the ability to safely rent or purchase products with our premium rental and vending solutions for lockers. Our intelligent locker software ensures secure storage, ease of use, and optimal management of the rental and vending processes. With an intuitive interface and advanced functionalities, users can effortlessly rent, purchase, or return products.

Features and capabilities

Smartphone app

Our smartphone app allows users to easily manage their accounts, including linking access cards and making payments for locker usage. The app provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Cloud-based storage

The system utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for secure storage of user information in compliance with GDPR (AVG) guidelines. Service and software are fully managed.

System Integration

The system can easily be integrated with existing systems such as security, smart buildings, HR, or facility management systems, creating an efficient workflow.

Software as a Service

The electronic locking system can be provided as a service, ensuring that you are fully taken care of in terms of locker management. Your systems will always be up to date in terms of security and functionality.

Flexible use

The locker system offers the flexibility to assign lockers either permanently or dynamically. Users can be assigned a dedicated locker or use a different locker each time, according to their needs. These options can coexist.

Payment system

Users can easily make payments for locker usage through the digital wallet in the app. The system provides a reliable payment solution, eliminating the need for expensive and error-prone payment terminals.


The system supports various authentication methods, including access cards, fingerprints, PIN codes, RFID, QR codes, and smartphone apps. Users can choose the method that best suits them.


Administrators can easily log in to the online locker management system. Authentication, authorization, and communication are all centralized. Additionally, you have real-time insights into locker usage.

User friendly

The locking system is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both administrators and users. Reserving, claiming, and using a locker is easy, as is online management.


The system is designed with strong security measures. All data traffic is encrypted and sent securely, and the system complies with relevant certifications to ensure safety.

Secure access

With the LoQit electronic locking system, you have the freedom to securely access lockers in various ways: through the terminal, the smartphone app, or with a pin code. The choice is yours! We understand that every situation has its own requirements, which is why we even offer the possibility of combining different identification methods for users. At LoQit, we strive for flexibility and customization, giving you full control over your locker solution.

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