Asset management for lockers

You naturally want to arrange the issuance of supplies for employees, customers or visitors as efficiently as possible. However, this is still often done by hand – and that takes a lot of time. By using lockers as a distribution point, it is very easy to make 'assets' available. Office supplies, service and health products, among other things, can easily be made available to those who have received permission to do so via electronic lockers.

What is asset management for lockers?

Asset management for lockers is all about making equipment or business resources (assets) available, without the intervention of a person who has to make these assets available. The goal of asset management is to ensure that an organization's assets are used and managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. This way you maximize the value of the assets for the organization. 

This can be done by using a issue locker system. A secure storage solution that makes it possible to rent equipment or assets in a simple way. In this way, schools can easily lend teaching materials, for example. Construction companies can make drilling machines available for use and then store them safely. Hospitals can provide medical equipment with confidence. Offices can safely issue items for a meeting, such as a beamer. A service desk can easily return repaired laptops via a locker wall. And we can think of many more examples.

How does a distribution locker work?

  1. In the Locker Management System, the manager indicates who has access to the electronic lockers.
  2. Employees choose a free locker in the app.
  3. If the assets are not present in the lockers as standard, they will be laid out. 
  4. Employees can open the lockers with an RFID card, pin code, QR code or via login details on the terminal. 
  5. After use, the assets can be put back in the lockers and made available again.
asset management voor lockers

Features and capabilities

Good service

Using lockers as a distribution point makes it possible to offer employees, customers, visitors or passers-by a great service. Without having to deploy people for this.

Full control

You determine who has access to the lockers. Employees, visitors, customers or passers-by? Do they have to register or can they use the assets anonymously?

App for users

Users can perform all occurring actions in the app. Reserve or claim an asset in advance, open the locker and return the items.


Administrators can manage the lockers and users in LoQit's Locker Management System. Think of authentication, authorization and communication. You can easily log in via the browser on your PC or laptop.

Digital payments

You can choose to make the assets available for free or against payment. Users can easily pay via the app on their smartphone.


In the Locker Management System you can see exactly what the status of your locker stock is. You can see exactly which assets are in use and which employee is using it. This simplifies retrieval if they forget to return the items.

System Integration

LoQit's locker management software is written in such a way that it is easy to make a link or even fully integrate it with other software systems.

Cloud solution

With LoQit's cloud solution, your systems and software are always up to date in terms of security and functionalities. All data is also stored in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.

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