LoQit's Self-Management principle

LoQit's smart locker system is designed to be both high-tech and user-friendly, with Self-Management playing a key role. But what does this mean for you as a manager and for users? In this article, we tell you more about our Self-Management principle.

What is Self-Management?

Self-Management at LoQit means that the manager's role shifts to a more controlling function, while the user gains more control over their own locker. This offers benefits such as reduced management pressure for the manager and a smoother experience for the user.

Benefits vor managers

  • AD link for user import

One of the biggest advantages for managers is the ability to easily import users via an AD link. This makes the import process unnecessary as the users are always known and current in the LoQit system.

  • Clustering of users

Managers can easily create groups and types of users and categorize them into clusters. This ensures better oversight and more efficient management.

  • Various workflows

The system allows for different types of lockers, such as staff lockers, visitor lockers or asset management lockersto be housed in one building or even in one locker wall. This allows managers to use various workflows interchangeably, making the system exceptionally flexible.

Benefits of users

  • Independently manage cards in the app

Users can link and remove their passes themselves via the KUARIO app. This means they are not dependent on the manager for small tasks, freeing up more time for the manager to focus on other matters. In another article, you can read more about the different identification methods.

  • Remote reservation and payment

With the KUARIO app, it is possible to reserve and pay for a locker, all remotely. LoQit has a banking license for this purpose and is one of the few providers of smart lockers that can and is allowed to manage digital money. Managers can handle everything from the management dashboard, and users manage their digital wallet in the app. In another article, you can read more about the digital payment options.

Cost savings

One of the major benefits of using LoQit smart lockers is the potential for cost savings. Thanks to our self-management system, the time managers spend on locker management is drastically reduced. Managers can easily manage access remotely, leading to savings in both time and resources. Moreover, the system offers the possibility of using lockers dynamically. In this way, you can provide lockers to the same group of people with fewer lockers. 

Discover the possibilities

LoQit's Self-Management approach creates a win-win situation for both managers and users. Managers are relieved of the burden and can focus on monitoring locker management, while users enjoy more freedom and convenience thanks to the versatile features of the LoQit app. 

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