Our distributors

Worldwide reach with our network

LoQit works closely with international distributors and sales partners. Together with these parties we have a large network with which we can serve customers worldwide and provide flexible and user-friendly locker management systems.

Australia and New Zealand

ACG Fire & Security helps business organizations realize their security strategy by providing high quality custom physical security solutions.

ACG Fire & Security PTY LTD
203/247 Coward St
Mascot NSW 2020, Australië

E-mail:             info@LoQit.com.au
Phone:         +1300 312 487
Website:          https://loqit.com.au/

BURG F.W. Lüling KG
Hegestraße 6 
58300 Wetter, Duitsland

E-mail:             info@burg.de
Phone:          +49 2335 63 080
Website:          https://burg.de/

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

BURG offers innovative mechanical and electronic locking system solutions for metal products, office furniture, fittings, control cabinets and for property security in sports and office facilities.


Via System is specialized in custom solutions for access control and ticket systems with user payment for swimming pools, sports and fitness centers, museums, stadiums, trade fairs and amusement parks.

Via System
Jernbanegade 10G
9800 Hjørring, Denemarken

E-mail:              service@via-system.dk
Phone:         +45 30 25 02 22
Website:          http://via-system.dk/

121-131 Rosebery Avenue
London, EC1R 4RF
United Kingdom

E-mail:             sales@haiken.com
Phone:        +44 (0) 203 873 1057
Website:         www.haiken.com

Verenigd Koninkrijk

Haiken sells flexible office furniture that fits the changing needs of offices. They offer, among other things, telescopic frames on workstations, movable acoustic pads and locking systems for a safe working environment.


EA Copy makes offices more efficient. They help your organization to manage your documents and IT solutions with modern and user-friendly technology.

Husbyborgsvägen 9
752 28 Uppsala

E-mail:             Info@eacopy.se
Phone:         +46 (0)18 138 139
Website:          www.eacopy.se

200 – 55 Village Centre Place,
Mississauga ON
Canada L4Z 1V9

E-mail:             info@wesecure.ca
Telefoon:         1-866-277-2775
Website:          www.wesecure.ca


WE Secure is a leading provider of key infrastructure security. They supply, among other things, fully integrated systems for access control and electronic locking systems.

logo frameworks

Zuid-West Amerika

Frameworks gebruikt Internet of Things om activa op te slaan, te volgen en uit te wisselen.

208 Kimble Avenue
Po Box 561 La Junta
CO 81077 USA

E-mail:            zach@frameworks-iot.com    
Website:          www.frameworks-iot.com