Various Identification methods for lockers

Our premium locker solutions effortless access, unparalleled security, and seamless management of personal belongings. To meet diverse user needs, we offer a range of identification methods, including access cards, fingerprints, pin codes, RFID, QR codes, and smartphone apps. This allows for ultimate convenience and personalization.

Here's an overview of our access identification methods:

Access Cards & Tags

Access cards are a popular method for opening lockers. Users can easily scan their cards to access their lockers. This method is convenient and fast, commonly used in environments such as offices, fitness centers, and healthcare facilities. Our multi-card reader supports a wide range of LF and HF technologies (125 kHz & 13.56 MHz) as well as NFC and BLE. 


With our advanced biometric technology, users can scan their fingerprints to open lockers. This method offers a high level of security and can be applied in secure storage facilities or laboratories, for example.

Pin codes

Entering a personal pin code is another commonly used method. Users can enter a unique code on the locker control panel to open it. This is convenient in various industries such as swimming pools, amusement parks, or spas.


Scanning a QR code to access lockers is an intuitive and convenient method. It can be applied in different industries where users want quick and easy access to their personal belongings using their smartphones. This is particularly useful in scenarios where long queues can impede the flow of people. Each locker is equipped with a scannable QR code, allowing users to open the locker quickly and easily, potentially combined with payment options. Additionally, terminal screens displaying a digital QR code can also be used.

Smartphone app

Our smartphone app offers users an all-in-one solution for managing their lockers. In addition to locker access, users can make payments, make reservations, and manage their accounts through the app. This is particularly useful in facilities where personal belongings need to be securely stored, such as smart workplaces, schools, or public spaces. 

Moreover, the LoQit app serves as a convenient contactless payment app for recurring customers, compatible with Android and iOS. The mobile app has been successfully used for various forms of contactless payments in different countries. It can also be used for quick payments at reception desks, catering services, office mini-markets, and more. We have many satisfied existing customers across various sectors. For locations where cash is still accepted or expensive PIN pad terminals are used for payment, our system provides a contactless and affordable alternative.

Flexible customizable locker systems

At LoQit, we understand that users have different preferences when it comes to access identification. For example, students may find it convenient to scan a QR code with their smartphones to access their lockers, while access cards or pin codes may be more practical in public spaces. Each situation is unique, and the LoQit locking system seamlessly adapts to these requirements. Different access methods, such as pin codes, cards, and QR codes, can be combined to suit specific needs. Whether it's convenience, speed, security, or personalization, LoQit provides the right identification method for every situation.

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