Unique feature: digital payment option

A LoQit electronic locking system brings many advantages and great ease of use. One of those advantages is the unieke feature that users can pay digitally. Why this is so unique and how exactly does it work? You can read that in this article!

Locker management system and KUARIO app

The LoQit locker system is characterized by the flexible and user-friendly facilities that are designed based on the self-management principle. The aim of this is to unburden administrators as much as possible. They therefore work from a locker management system in which they can manage the electronic lockers.

In the system, administrators can open, block, create and manage new users, and configure groups, among other things. The use of the lockers appears in a clear dashboard, which administrators can use to make important decisions. From these results you can, among other things, read the occupancy, which can be very valuable information.

Users can easily manage their locker from the KUARIO app. In the app they can, among other things, reserve, open lockers, link an access pass and manage the digital wallet to be able to pay for the use of the lockers.

Unique: the digital wallet in the app

With LoQit's electronic lockers it is possible to let users pay via the digital wallet in the app. LoQit has a banking license for this and is one of the few that can and is therefore allowed to manage digital money. An expensive and error-prone payment terminal that many other providers use is therefore a thing of the past.

Such a digital wallet not only saves a lot of costs because no payment terminal has to be purchased. It also saves a lot of time for both the administrator and the user. No more administrative hassle and all payments from the KUARIO application. The administrator controls everything from the management dashboard and the user can in the app:

digitale betaalmogelijkheid elektronische locker
  • See a clear overview of all transactions, linked cards and the balance.
  • Easily manage and top up the balance via international and local payment methods such as iDEAL and PayPal.
  • Remote reservation for a locker and then direct payment for a locker via iDEAL and PayPal is also possible.
  • Link any company, campus or school card to the KUARIO account and pay with it by presenting this card to the RFID reader of the locker wall. Transactions are automatically charged to the account.
  • Transfer money between KUARIO users or create shared wallets with friends or colleagues.
  • If you prefer a payment terminal, this is also possible thanks to the complete integration of Nayax within KUARIO.

Management dashboard for administrators

The administrator can manage the smart lockers from the LoQit management dashboard. This dashboard also provides clear insight into both technical and financial performance. In the dashboard, the administrator can, among other things:

  • Remotely manage all lockers and locker groups
  • Configure lockers and locker groups
  • Add a payment function and set the price of the locker usage. This can be per hour or per day, but a fixed rate is also possible.
  • Receive reports on the use of the lockers, including financial settlements and settlements.
  • Periodic transfers of balances to your company accounts.

In addition, thanks to the unique payment option in the app, administrators no longer have to bear responsibility for the user credit. Payments are also automatically paid to the chosen bank account.

All data in the system, the app and the digital wallet are processed according to the GDPR legislation.

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