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The LoQit electronic locking system is a safe and flexible total solution for lockers and/or vending systems. The system is characterized by the flexible and user-friendly facilities based on the self-management principle. The purpose of this is to unburden the administrator, by giving the user more independence. In this article, we will tell you exactly what this means and how this works. 

Both the administrators and the users of the LoQit locking system work from one account. This means that everything can be arranged from the management system and for users in the app. The administrator can easily control the locking system from the Locker Management System (LMS). The user can operate, reserve and release the lockers via the KUARIO app. 

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Locker Management System of LoQit

The administrators of the LoQit locking system work from the Locker Management System. This system has been specially designed in collaboration with our partner KUARIO to keep the manager's management burden as low as possible. Administrators can arrange many things themselves in the web portal, such as:

  • Opening lockers

    As an administrator you can easily grant or deny access to users if necessary.

  • Blocking lockers

    If a locker is temporarily out of order or needs to be taken out of use, you can simply block the locker as a user.

  • Locker maintenance

    It is also possible to open all lockers at once or a specific section. Handy if the lockers need to be cleaned or released for the next day.

  • Create and manage new users

    As an administrator you can easily create different types and groups of users. Think of paying or non-paying users, or assigning certain users to a special locker wall.

  • Configure locker groups or individual lockers

    In the system it is possible to set the functions of the lockers yourself. Think of the permanent or temporary use of a locker, whether users have to pay or not, etc.


Locker users can easily manage their locker in the KUARIO app. This can be downloaded in the App Store and in the Play Store. Users get a lot of independence and can arrange a lot themselves, such as:

kuario app locker system loqit
  • Reservation of lockers

    As a user, you can easily reserve your locker by scanning the QR code on the terminal (on the locker wall). And if you have been assigned a locker, you can easily reserve it in the app.

  • Opening lockers

    As a user it is possible to link any desired RFID card to the KUARIO app. Your student card, health care card, driver's license, savings card or even your pass from the hardware store. With the linked pass you can take your locker with you in the future to open.

  • Paying for lockers

    The KUARIO app has a digital Wallet where users can top up their balance. With this balance you can easily pay for the use of a locker if necessary.

  • Always access

    In the KUARIO app you can link as many passes as you want. If you lose a pass, you can still open your locker and you can remove the lost pass from your account yourself. As a user, you never have to stress that you can no longer access your stuff.

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