Integration of payment technology into locker solutions

In a constantly changing world where technological advancements and the need for convenience and security are rapidly increasing, the demand for innovative solutions is becoming more apparent. An example of this is the smart integration of payment technology in locker solutions, as implemented by LoQit. 

Easy and hassle-free payments with the Digital Wallet

LoQit's advanced payment system marks the end of traditional, error-prone payment terminals. This digital payment system allows users to easily make payments through a digital wallet integrated into the KUARIO app. This leads to the elimination of both technical and administrative inconveniences. Administrators benefit from this change by running a more efficient and cost-effective operation, free from the usual administrative burdens.

A unique digital payment option

LoQit's system allows users to make direct and easy payments through their digital wallet. Thanks to its own banking license, LoQit can manage digital money, which is an exceptional and valuable feature. This digital payment option is not only efficient and secure but also offers significant cost and time savings. Users have the freedom to manage their balance, make payments, and even transfer money between users, all within one application.

digitale betaalmogelijkheid elektronische locker

The versatility of the KUARIO App

The KUARIO app is central to the interaction between the locker system and the users. This app offers a wide range of features: 

  • Transparency: users receive a clear overview of transactions, linked cards and balance.
  • Flexibility: managing your balance and topping up is easy via popular payment methods such as iDEAL and PayPal.
  • Easy to use:: users can reserve lockers and pay directly from a distance.
  • Connectivity: linking various cards for payments increases user-friendliness and accessibility.

Control and insight for administrators

LoQit's management dashboard offers administrators full visibility on both technical and financial aspects of the locker solutions. The system allows administrators to:

  • Manage lockers and locker groups efficiently.
  • Adjust payment functions and rates.
  • Receive extensive reports on the use of lockers and financial transactions.
  • Automate periodic financial processes, such as transfers to company accounts.

Through these functionalities, the system offers seamless financial handling and enables administrators to optimize their locker systems with full control and clear insight.

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