SaaS: a flexible total solution for locking systems

A unique, innovative concept that responds to the optimal and flexible use of lockers: the SaaS solution, beter known as Software as a Service. This solution offers many advantages, and one of the biggest advantages is that you are completely unburdened in the field of ICT. 

At LoQit you have the opportunity to purchase the complete Locker Management as a service for your lockers or vending systems. With this service, your systems are always up to date in terms of security and functionality. Moreover, whit our SaaS-solution you can easily scale up and add functionalities. 

software as a service


With the SaaS solution for electronic locking systems of LoQit, the burden on the administrator will be as low as possible. The software relieves the administrator almost completely and is given a more monitoring task. In the Locker Management System (LMS) of LoQit, the administrator can arrange a lot of important matters by himself. Think of:

  • Classifying, grouping and configuring lockers.
  • Create groups and/or type of users. For example, paying or non-paying users.
  • Configure lockers differently: permanent or temporary, collection or issue, payment or non-payment, etc. 
  • Easily grant and deny access to users.
  • You can open all lockers with one touch on the button.

The user gets more independence in managing and using a locker. They can manage their locker from the LoQit app, where they can easily reserve and release a locker. They can also link any desired RFID card to their account, with which they can open their locker in the future. They can also manage and top up their digital wallet in the app. A unique option that only the locking system of LoQit offers. 

Why locker management as a service?

In addition to the flexibility and independence of the Locker Management System, the SaaS solution offers even more advantages:

Cloud based

The system is always up to date in terms of security thanks to the functionalities within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Virtual payment

A unique option of the locker system is the digital Wallet in the LoQit app. This is a payment platform that is linked to an account, and not to a payment terminal.

saas sluitsysteem

System Integration

The flexibility of the locker system makes it easy to link or integrate the software into existing systems.

Account based

Both administrators and users work from an account. In this account both parties can arrange a lot by themselfs for an efficient working method and easy operation.

Software as a Service 

As a specialist in electronic locking systems and locker solutions, LoQit is an important player in the European locker market. We know what is going on in the market and where the needs of the end user lies for various sectors. From education, healthcare and gyms, to the new working environments at companies, LoQit knows what is needed and is happy to think along with you. 

Want to know more about LoQit's locker management system as a service? Our account managers are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of our locker system. 

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