What are the advantages of an electronic locking system?

There are many ways to close off access to lockers and/or vending systems. Nowadays this happens often electronic and this offers many advantages. Which those are? You can read it in this article!

Nowadays, acces management of lockers is increasingly happening electronically. Not so suprising, if you look at the digital world of today. Digital unnovations are developing fast and the developments in electronic locking systems are also moving fast. Compared to traditional locking systems such as keys and tags, a whole new world opens up for you when you look at the possibilities and benefits of an electronic locking system. In this article we explain the main advantages of a smart locking system. 

voordelen loqit elektronisch sluitsysteem

The importance of an electronic access system

First of all, we would like to emphasize how important it is to manage access systems in a careful way. With an electronic locking system you can manage your key plan much better compared to a traditional system. With physical keys you can give a user quick access to a specific room, but when he or she loses this key you often have to replace the entire system for security reasons. 

With a smart locking system this is not necessary and you can easily grant or deny access to a room. This, coupled with great ease of use and a system where you can manage the key plan clearly, makes the electronic locking system almost indispensable within any organization that attaches great importance to privacy and security. 

The advantages of an electronic locking system

An electronic locking system is very easy to use. The system is clear, easy to manage and you can centrally authorize access for lockers. This can be done with an electronic key, a card reader or a telephone, depending on the occasion. The possibilities are endless and are adapted to the needs of the customer. 

To give you an idea of the advantages of an electronic locking system, we have listed the advantages of the LoQit system for you. The benefits are different per provider and LoQit offers a view techniques you can only obtained from us. For example, we work with a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) and the administrators and users work from an account with lots of possibillities.


At LoQit we work with a SaaS solution. Administrators and users work from an account and in this way they can arrange a lot themselves.

Easy operation

The user can easily operate the locker in the LoQit app and the administrator can manage all lockers in one clear system.

Virtual payment

Users can easily pay with the Wallet in the LoQit app. And this is unique technique; because only the LoQit locking system has its own payment platform.

Multi card reader

In the app, the user can link any desired RFID card to the account. For example, the user can remove a card in the event of loss, or link a new card.

Integration with systems

The LoQit locking system can be integrated or linked to any desired system. Very clear for the administrator.

Few electronica

This may sound a bit crazy, but our locking system contains little electronics. The LoQit system is therefore less sensitive to environmental factors.

1. Self-management

To keep the management burden of the administrator as low as possible and to give the user the best possible experience, LoQit works from a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). Both the administrator and the user can manage his or her account mostly by themselfs. In this way, the administrator is unburdened and is given a more monitoring task. The user gets more independence in managing and using a locker.

As an administrator you work from a web portal, which you can arrange the following things yourself:

  • You can classify, group and configure the lockers yourself in the Locker Management System (LMS). 
  • Create groups and type of users. Think, for example, of paying or non-paying users.
  • Configure locker groups or individual lockers differently: think of permanent or temporary use, payment or non-payment or use as mailbox. 
  • Easily grant or deny access to users. You can also open all lockers with one push of a button; convenient for cleaning.
voordelen elektronisch sluitsysteem dashboard

Users can manage a locker in the LoQit app, where they can arrange the following things, among other things:

  • Within a few steps you can reserve a locker and release it again easily. 
  • Possibility to link different passes or tags in the LoQit app. 
  • You can easily manage and top up your digital Wallet. In this way, users can virtually pay for the use of a locker. 

2. Easy operation

The administrator works from a clear Locker Management System where he or she can easily manage the use of the lockers. The same applies to the user, they can easily operate in the system with the LoQit app. This can be downloaded in the App Store and in the Play Store.

If you want to use a locker, you can scan the QR code with your mobile. The app will open automatically after scanning and then you can register with an email. The administrator can easily manage the locker management in a web portal. 

voordelen elektronisch sluitsysteem app

3. Virtual payment

With LoQit's electronic locking system it is possible to let users pay virtually through the Wallet in the LoQit app. We do not use payment terminals that are susceptible to interference and very expensive in terms of purchase and subscription. 

It is possible to let users pay in different ways. A fixed amount per year for use, a variable amount per hour or a fixed amount per day; it's all possible. The administrator can set this up in the system in collaboration with LoQit. 

The user can manage and top up the balance in the app. With the app, users can therefore not only operate the lockers, but it also functions as a digital wallet with which they can pay. 

4. Multi card reader

Thanks to our multi-card reader that is part of the smart locking system, users can add all kinds of different cards to the account in the app. Think of your school pass, OV chip card or, for example, a customer card from your favorite hardware store. Once you have linked a pass, you can scan the pass to open a locker. 

Have you lost your pass? Then you can easily unlink it yourself in the app, so no one can reserve a locker with your account. With this functionality, the administrator hasn't any work to assign or remove passes.

terminal foto met hand pas

5. Integration with systems

The LoQit locking system can be linked to other systems in various ways. Organizations often already use enough different systems and you can easily link our system to your systems. Imagine you work as a school in the Magister program and enter all students there. Thanks to the link with the LoQit system, the necessary data automatically ends up in our database and the students receive an email about the locker use. At that moment, our system functions as an underlying system to the other system. 

6. Weinig elektronica

At LoQit we have developed an electronic locking system that contains little electronics. That sounds crazy when you talk about an electronic locking system, but the less electronics it contains, the less sensitive the system is to environmental factors. Consider factors such as temperature and moisture. This increases the robustness and what remains is a reliable lock that can be used extremely effectively. 

Customized electronic locker system

Looking for an electronic locking system for your organisation? As a specialist in electronic locking systems, we know better than anyone what this involves. The question is not only how you can open the lockers, but also who, where and when. In order to be able to offer the best possible customized locking system, we are happy to discuss it with each other, so that we can contribute ideas to come up with a suitable locker solution.