Advantages of a smart locker system at the office

More and more offices are switching from a traditional working method to a flexible way of working. Employees get flexible workplaces, offices are transformed into an open office landscape and activity-related working is becoming the new normal. And these developments go hand in hand with the use of smart technology, including a smart locker system for the office.

The way we work and collaborate has changed a lot in recent years and this change is still ongoing. Open office spaces, more flexible workplaces and above all more efficiency. Nowadays this is the new way of working, which entails many advantages for both organizations and employees.

Communication has become easier, among other things, and organizations can create more workplaces thanks to the open spaces. On the other hand, employees have to give up some personal space and to give them back this space, the demand for smart storage solutions is increasing. A smart locker system for the office is a perfect solution for this. 

Why you want a smart locker system in your office

The new way of working in 2022 goes hand in hand with the use of smart locker technology. The implementation of a smart locker system ensures that all employees in the office quickly gain insight into, among other things, the available office spaces, workplaces and lockers. The LoQit electronic locking system has been specially developed for offices and flexible workplaces, which offers many advantages for both your organization and employees. 

1. Saving time for your facility team

LoQit's electronic locking system saves your facility team a lot of time. Thanks to a virtual environment, the use of lockers in the office is transparent at all times. You can see exactly which lockers are in use and easily generate reports. All users, their rights and all other relevant data can be seen in one overview. Even if an employee has lost the badge or pass from the locker, the administrator does not have to do anything; the employee can arrange this completely independently.

2. Manage everything in one central place

Nowadays, many modern offices and organizations use a workplace application in which all kinds of important functionalities are collected. The employees at the office can manage all applications in one central place. And LoQit's locker management software is written in such a way that it is easy to link, or even fully integrate, with other software systems. In this way, not only employees can manage everything in one place, but also the administrator(s) of the locker system.

3. Secure storage of belongings and data

Due to the arrival of flexible workplaces, many employees have to give up a bit of privacy. As a result, they often lack a place of their own to store their belongings, even if it's only for their own pen or notebook. By using lockers, in combination with a smart locker system, the employees again have their own space to store their valuables. In addition, it is also super safe.

In the event of an unauthorized opening, a notification can be sent to the user and/or administrator, even if the employee has left the door open by mistake. The contents of a locker can always be traced back to the person who last used it. And the data within the locker management software is stored in the cloud or at your location in accordance with the GDPR guidelines. 

4. A clean workplace

With the use of lockers, employees again have their own place to store their valuables. And this not only results in satisfied employees, but also in a clean workplace. No more papers lying around, notepads left on the desk or other 'junk' left lying around. At the end of the day, all employees can store their belongings in the locker and that makes the workplace a lot cleanber. In addition, a locker is also a great place to store things such as jackets and bags during the working day. This also makes the office appear calmer during the working day than when coats are everywhere and bags are around the desk.

4. Very dynamic to use

With LoQit's smart locking system, you can set the use of your lockers in such a way that it suits the working method of your organization. For example, you can use the lockers in a fixed or dynamically configurable way. Do employees have a fixed workplace in the office? Then a fixed locker is a good option. If the office spaces are used dynamically, a dynamic locker is the best fit. But you can also effortlessly use both options at the same time. In addition, it is also possible to link time restrictions to the use of a locker. 

And it is not only the configuration that can be adjusted as desired, but also how the employees in the office can operate the lockers. LoQit's locker system makes it possible for users to open, change and release lockers independently. As an administrator, you can see at any time which lockers are in use by which employee. 

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