Why upgrade to electronic lockers?

Does your organization still use traditional lockers with a key? Then now is the time to upgrade to an electronic locker system. It is a sustainable investment that will last for years and save costs in the long run. In addition, it offers many more advantages, which we would like to tell you more about. 

Time and space saving

The electronic locking system of LoQit has the advantage that lockers can be assigned to a user once or for a long period of time. Administrators work from a management system and users in a user-friendly app. Administrators can assign user rights in the system and have a clear insight into the use of the lockers. In the app, users can reserve, open and close the lockers. LoQit also pays via the digital wallet in the app. 

The smart lockers are easy to manage for both the administrator and user – and save a lot of time compared to traditional locker management. The lockers can also be issued several times a day and fewer lockers are needed. 


Perhaps one of the most important reasons to upgrade your traditional lockers to electronic lockers: you no longer need separate keys. The smart lockers are key-free, so no more hassle with keys that have been lost or possibly stolen. And an additional advantage: electronic lockers often also have a sleek and modern design. At LoQit we work with partners who can tailor them completely. 

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A high degree of security

Both traditional and electronic lockers can ensure the safety of personal belongings. The only difference is that a key is often lost and you do not run that risk with smart lockers. It provides a high degree of security and the risk of burglary is much smaller than with traditional lockers with a key. Users also indicate that the smart lockers make them feel more secure. At LoQit we provide both a 'vandal-proof' and a safe AVG-proof locker system. 

Very user-friendly

The electronic system is easy to operate for administrators and users. The use is self-explanatory thanks to the simple interface that the system has. Little support is required from locker managers. At LoQit we can fully customize the locking system. This makes the lockers suitable for almost every industry: from healthcare institutions to construction companies and smart workplaces. The locker system also works perfectly for events. 

Cost of electronic locker system

Purchasing an electronic locker is an investment, but this expense can quickly pay for itself. In the long run you can save a lot of costs compared to traditional lockers. After all, you spend less time replacing missing keys or helping users who have lost their keys. Users can serve themselves and this saves a lot of time – and therefore costs. You can also rent the electronic lockers for an hour or two to a whole day or a whole year. That way you also earn back part of the investment. 

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Upgrade to electronic lockers

Smart lockers offer a safe, simple and modern solution for storing personal items. They last for years and give your employees or customers a safe feeling. A sustainable investment that saves a lot of time and convenience. Curious about the possibilities of an electronic locker system? At LoQit we can provide you with a non-binding demonstration of the use of the lockers in the management system and the app. 

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Security and privacy in smart locker solutions

At a time when technology is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, smart locker solutions are a welcome addition for companies and institutions. These innovative systems not only provide convenient storage options, but also a seamless and efficient user experience. At LoQit we have more than ten years of experience in safely storing valuables. Our state-of-the-art electronic locking system is not only easy to use, but also maintains the highest standards of security and privacy.

Optimizing space constraints with smart lockers

Our premium locker solutions provide effortless access, unparalleled security and seamless management of personal belongings. To meet the diverse needs of users, we offer a variety of identification methods. Think of access cards, fingerprints, pin codes, RFID, QR codes and smartphone apps. For example, a fitness enthusiast can enter a pin code to open his locker, while an office worker uses his access card. These different methods ensure ultimate ease of use and personalization.