Four ways smart lockers will transform your business

Electronic lockers have become a must in smart work environments. Especially now that we are moving to more flexible working models such as hybrid working and flexible working. With LoQit's smart locking system you can continue to offer your employees a safe place to store personal items. An efficient and cost-effective solution that will transform your organization into a smart working environment. 

1. Reduce overhead costs

Electronic lockers will extremely reduce your overhead costs. Keys and manual locker allocation are a thing of the past thanks to the digital Locker Management System. A system where you as an administrator can arrange everything remotely. For example, you can easily add and manage new users, configure locker groups or individual lockers and keep track of occupancy. 

You can automate the allocation of lockers and you can omit all administrative actions associated with traditional lockers. By adding smart locker technology within your organization you not only save time, the costs are also significantly reduced.

2. Increase productivity

The smart lockers equipped with LoQit's locking system are accessible via a contactless access with any desired RFID card. School cards, public transport chip cards, bank cards, loyalty cards, you name it. If desired, the lockers can also be operated with a pin code, via login details on the terminal or with a QR code. This self-service solution ensures that your employees can easily reserve, open and manage the lockers. 

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Unique to the LoQit system is that you also can add a digital payment option LoQit has a banking license and is one of the few that can and is allowed to manage digital money. So you don't have to purchase an expensive, malfunction-prone payment terminal or invest time in the administrative actions that come with it. With our locker system you can easily arrange all payments from the management dashboard. 

3. Maximize floor space

Traditional lockers often take up a lot of floor space and are often not fully used. A shame, because this is a huge waste of time, money and space. The LoQit locking system is built into the locker, which saves a lot of space and gives a calm appearance. In addition, the dynamic use of lockers compared to the 'fixed' use of lockers offers the opportunity to provide the same group of people with lockers with fewer lockers.

In the Locker Management System you can also easily monitor the occupancy of all individual lockers and/or locker groups. This gives you a better insight into locker use and you can use this data to make better decisions.

4. Enhanced security

Smart lockers are much safer than traditional lockers. Physical locks are no longer used, everything is managed completely online. Data is securely stored at LoQit within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The data traffic between the lockers and the Locker Management System is sent using secure HTTPS encryption. 

If you want to transform your organization into a smart working environment, you can use LoQit's smart lockers to give your employees a safe place to store personal belongings.

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