Locker solution for the Briant College in Arnhem

LoQit recently successfully completed a new project, this time for the Briant College in Arnhem. This special educational institute focuses on special education and plays an important role in supporting children with unique needs.

The project included the installation of 273 digital lockers on the Briant College campus. These smart lockers are an integral part of daily life at the school, allowing students to safely store their personal belongings while they focus on their educational and personal development.

Special approach for special education

Instead of the usual self-management system, the lockers are managed by the school janitors. The choice was made to work with access control tags ssued and managed by the janitors. These tags are easy to use and ensure that the lockers can be opened and closed quickly and efficiently.

Customization and service

Every educational institution has unique needs. To ensure that our locker solution meets all these requirements, we deliver tailor-made solutions. Moreover, our service does not stop after installation: we remain available for support and maintenance to ensure that the digital lockers continue to perform optimally.

Briant College
Briant College

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