How digital lockers contribute to a better student experience at schools and universities

Traditional lockers with padlocks are a thing of the past, and smart digital lockers are taking their place. These advanced lockers use the latest technologies such as RFID, biometric scans and integrations with school software. They are revolutionizing how students store and manage their personal and academic belongings. Here are some examples of how digital lockers contribute to a better experience for the student and school: 

1. More efficient locker layouts

2. Self-management

LoQit has 'Self-Management' as its core principle, which means that students can manage their own locker via the app. For example, they can link their school card for access or reserve a locker, which relieves the administrator and reduces administrative burdens. In addition, the administrator can easily manage all settings in the Locker Management system. 

Innovatief Locker Management Systeem

3. Enhanced security

The electronic locking system provides enhanced security with features such as biometric scanning and RFID technology. This ensures that only authorized students have access to their assigned lockers, ensuring the safety of personal belongings. 

In another article you can read more about our GDPR guidelines.

4. Integration with school software

The system can easily be integrated with other school software, such as student monitoring systems or electronic learning environments. This means that when a student registers, a locker can be automatically assigned based on the student's details, streamlining the administrative process. (Single Sign On)

Safe and smart digital lockers for schools

Digital lockers are an important pillar in optimizing the student experience. They simplify locker management for both students and administrators, contribute to campus safety and efficiency, and provide a more personalized experience. Curious about all the possibilities? Please contact us without obligation. 

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