Carefree working
with LoQit

Through our many years of experience in placing lockers in the (health)care market, we have succeeded in developing a locking system that seamlessly connects to the way of working within hospitals and healthcare institutions. We ensure that your employees can do their important work while their valuables are safely stored.

Working in shifts

Because LoQit offers the possibility to set time restrictions in the software, it prevents your employees from 'claiming' lockers. This way you can guarantee the availability of lockers for the next shift at all times. The locker manager can easily set these time restrictions in the locker management software.

Hygiene and cleaning

The LoQit lock is software moderately adjustable in order to be able to open the doors by means of 'push to open'. As a result, the doors handle is loose and therefore easy to clean and keep clean. You can also easily release the lockers from the locker management software or by means of time restrictions for the cleaning of the lockers by the cleaners.

Flexible in use

Whether you provide your employees with their own locker or whether you want to use the lockers dynamically, LoQit makes it possible. The lockers can be operated by a mobile device, company card, PIN code or even a finger scan, which means no more hassle with lost keys or replacing batteries. In the unlikely event that your employees are unable to access their locker, as an administrator you can easily support them remotely by using the locker management software.

Ultimate functional design

LoQit's locker lock is the most innovative system on the market in terms of both function and design. With, among other things, the possibility to charge a mobile device and integrated LED lighting, the inside of the locker also looks fantastic. From the locker management software you are even able to configure the way of opening the lock. Whether you want the door to open when the user opens the locker or if you prefer the lockers to open when you push the door. LoQit makes it all possible.

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