What is an electronic locking system for lockers?

In this article we tell you all about it!

An electronic locking system for lockers; what exactly is it and how does it work?

We currently live in a digital society where every aspect of our lives is heavily influenced by digitization. Our communication, maintaining our social contacts and also the way we learn and work. And this is also reflected in the way in which we want to store valuables. We value our privacy, security and convenience. Lockers equipped with an electronic locker lock fit in perfectly: they are easy to operate from your mobile and super safe. But what exactly is an electronic locking system for lockers and how does it work? 

In this article we tell you all about it. Handy to know if you want to safely store valuables or if you are not sure whether an electronic locker lock is right for your organization!

What is an electronic locking system for lockers?

An electronic locking system is an intelligent locking system that is equipped with electronics and controlled with software. This locking system can be powered in two ways: via mains power or via a battery. The lock can be easily operated via phone or tablet thanks to an app that can be downloaded from the Play store or Apple store. You can also operate some electronic locking systems with a pin code, badge, key card or drop.

With an electronic locking system, the user can easily link his or her own account to the system and operate the locker anytime and anywhere. The manager of the electronic locking system for lockers has a more supervisory role. He can adjust the settings for remote use and has real-time insight into locker usage. In addition, the settings of an electronic locker lock can often be set up completely according to your own wishes.

How does an electronic locking system for lockers work?

When an electronic locking system is connected to the mains, this means that the lock of each locker is wired separately. The power is then supplied to the locking system via the grid. This option is suitable if you have new lockers installed and
don't want to experience the disadvantages of continuously replacing battery locks.

By choosing a wired locking system, you also have more options for using the locker lock. For example, you can add time restrictions from the software, set when lockers are released by default or add payment options. And the screen can also be customized in detail.

wat is een elektronisch lockerslot

Opening lockers with an electronic locking system

Mains-connected locking systems are very easy to operate for both the user and the administrator. In general, there are three ways to open an electronic locking system:

Reserve lockers online with an app

An electronic locking system that is connected to the network offers many possibilities. You can often design the entire locking system according to your own wishes. For example, you can already make the lockers available in an app, so that users can reserve a locker online. Very handy for events to avoid crowds at the lockers. But it is also useful for schools. Students can choose their lockers at home and claim it for the entire school year, paid or unpaid.

The advantages of an electronic locking system

Today, we value our privacy and security. But we also want convenience and speed. The era of using keys or coins at a locker is now behind us. And an electronic locking system is the latest successor to it that fits well with the way we live today.  

Lockers with an electronic locking system offer many advantages for both the user and the administrator. A number of advantages of an electronic locker lock:

You create the best electronic locking system solution together with LoQit

Electronic locking systems for lockers can be deployed and used in several ways. Think, for example, of the rights that a user may have, whether they have to pay for use and whether you want the locking system to work with existing systems. 

Every organization has slightly different wishes and LoQit's electronic locking system is fully equipped for that. For example, it is even possible to link or integrate the locking system with other systems that are already in use within your organization. Together with you we are happy to look at the possibilities and we will look for the most efficient possible use of the locking system for your lockers.