Veurs Voorburg (NL)

Veurs Voorburg (NL) is a VMBO school with approximately 370 students and 55 employees. Pupils can follow a basic, framework and gtl training, with and without learning support. Since August 2022, the school has been located in a beautiful new building on Delflandlaan in Voorburg. A sustainable building with an indoor climate that meets high requirements in terms of ventilation, daylight and acoustics. In collaboration with Sonesto, LoQit was allowed to equip the new building with 460 electronic lockers. 

Electronic lockers

The new school building of Veurs Voorburg is furnished according to the program 'Fresh Schools'. A program that focuses on energy, air quality, temperature, light and sound. The choice to install sustainable electronic lockers was therefore quickly made. The 400 lockers for students are elegantly integrated into the heart of the school – the central auditorium – and provided with a structurally sustainable finish. The lockers are modular and built from recycled steel. After use, the lockers can be completely reset to zero. 

Another 60 lockers have been placed on the first floor for the employees of Veurs Voorburg. These are equipped with a letter slot, so that mail or other documents can easily be left with the right person.

The electronic locking system

Both the student lockers and the staff lockers are equipped with LoQit's electronic locking system. This is neatly concealed in the rebate of the lockers, so that the maximum space in the locker can actually be used. The lockers can be fully managed remotely for both the user and the administrator. The locking system is also easy to link to a student tracking system or other electronic learning environment.

project voorburg elektronische lockers
project voorburg elektronische lockers

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