Rijn Ijssel – Gelderland (NL)

Rijn Ijssel is the Regional educationel centre for Arnhem, Wageningen and the surrounding area. With more than 13,500 students, Rijn Ijssel is the largest school for secondary vocational education and education in Gelderland. They have a total of 25 locations and more than 1500 employees work at the entrepreneurial educational institution to let students discover their talents. 

Rijn Ijssel offers regular vocational education to young people in seven clusters: CIOS & Security, Creative Industry, Economy & Appearance, Technology & ICT, Vocational School Wageningen and Welfare & Care. In addition, the Entrance & Customization cluster provides entrance training (MBO level 1), but also adult education and tailor-made training courses for companies.

Electronic lockers

In cooperation with Sonesto LoQit has been able to provide the new lockers of Rijn Ijssel with an electronic locking system. From 2021, more than 4,000 new lockers will be installed, both for students and staff, at various locations. Later this year, more than 2000 lockers will be placed at another location and equipped with LoQit's electronic locking system. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Rijn Ijssel uses LoQit's SaaS application – the option to purchase the complete locker management as a service. Thanks to this option, all systems are always equipped with the latest functionalities and security. The LoQit system is easy to link with other systems for an efficient working method and keeping all data up to date. Moreover, you can easily scale up and add functionalities. 

Rijn IJssel uses a mix of different functionalities. 

elektronisch sluitsysteem rijnijssel
elektronisch sluitsysteem rijnijssel

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