Moorhead Career Academy

LoQit has equipped two brand-new schools in Moorhead with state-of-the-art lockers featuring an electronic locking system, specifically designed for the Moorhead Career Academy. 

For the two newly constructed educational facilities in Moorhead, located in the state of Minnesota in North America, we have installed over 1450 lockers. All of these lockers are equipped with LoQit's innovative electronic locking system.The lockers are furnished with HID cards, provided by the school itself. This technology eliminates the need for students to manually link their cards to the lockers. 

The lockers were supplied by Debourgh La Junta and the installation was managed by H2I Groupollaborating with LoQit has resulted in a successful project that perfectly aligns with the requirements of the Moorhead Career Academy. 

moorhead lockers
moorhead career college lockers

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