Locker systems for vending and rental

Simplify the sale and rental of your products

Our robust locker solutions enable you to easily sell or rent products and business items without the need for staff involvement. This system is ideal for providing unparalleled service to employees, customers, visitors, and passers-by, allowing them to independently purchase or rent items.

Features of our locker solutions

Safe to use

Items are securely stored and easily accessible. Returning rented products is user-friendly, with a clear overview of the status and inventory of your items.

Easy integration

Seamlessly connects to your existing management systems with extensive API support, making it easy to manage your data through our cloud software.

Payment options

Users can easily pay for usage via the digital wallet in the app. LoQit has a banking license, making expensive payment terminals unnecessary.


Versatile authentication methods such as cards, tags, combination locks, fingerprints, PIN codes, RFID, QR or barcodes, Bluetooth, and smartphone apps.

Flexible use

Choose fixed or flexible allocation of lockers to users, or allow anonymous use. Both administrators and users benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly design.


Manage everything from a central online interface, where you can monitor and manage lockers in real-time. This keeps you constantly informed of the stock status.

Secure and efficient locker solutions for vending and rental

For our vending and rental locker systems, we offer users a range of secure access options for their lockers. Whether you want access via a terminal, a user-friendly app, or a personal PIN code, we provide maximum flexibility and customization. Our systems are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring that users can effortlessly and safely access their lockers.

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