Deltion College – Zwolle (NL)

The Deltion College in Zwolle is a regional training center that is active at all levels of further education. Whether you have your own company, are employed or have just finished high school, everyone can follow a course at Deltion College. They offer a wide range of training courses – from automotive technology to healthcare and from catering to sports. 

About 1,800 employees work at Deltion College, each of whom is committed in his or her own way to educate of the more than 17,000 students and 3,000 course participants. Together with society, the government and the business community, they prepare people and organizations for the ever-changing labor market. They look at what an individual can – and want – and offer a form of education that fits the ambitions and life of the adult. 

In addition, Deltion Business fulfills the role of knowledge partner for more than 6,000 business relations. They help companies, among other things, to put together tailor-made training programs and to map out subsidy options. 

3500 new 'Zero' lockers with locking system from LoQit

In cooperation with Sonesto LoQit was able to complete a nice assignment for the Deltion College. A total of 3,500 new 'Zero' lockers have been installed. The most innovative locker on the market that is also circular. They are equipped with a double-walled door and a cable concealed in rebate electronic locking system from LoQit.

Functionalities electronic locking system

The Deltion College uses the option to purchase the complete locker management as a service This completely relieves the administrator in the field of ICT and the systems are always up to date in terms of security and functionalities.

The locker management system can also be easily linked to a student tracking system or electronic learning environment. The administrator can easily send push messages from the system to grant access to a locker or send other automatic messages. 

The Deltion College also makes use of: 

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