De Ruiter’s Bakkerij (NL)

LoQit, in collaboration with Oostwoud, has successfully completed a project for De Ruiter’s Bakkerij (NL)Renowned for their characteristic and artisanal baked speculaas cookies. The project involved the installation of 122 lockers, equipped with LoQit's electronic locking system, serving as employee lockers.

Efficient locker management

Thanks to LoQit's Locker Management System, the administrators at De Ruiter's Bakkerij can efficiently manage the lockers. The system allows them to arrange, group, and configure the lockers according to the specific needs of the staff. Each employee is assigned their own locker, ensuring that they can securely and organizedly store their personal belongings.

Secure and user-friendly

The elektronische sluitsysteem van LoQit offers a range of access control options, including RFID card readers, PIN codes, fingerprints, and even smartphone operation. This enables employees to easily and safely access their lockers, eliminating the need to worry about forgetting keys, cards, or PIN codes. The staff can now focus on their tasks without the hassle of managing their lockers.

User-friendly app

To further enhance convenience, employees can utilize LoQit's handy digital app. This app can be easily downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. Through the app, employees can quickly and effortlessly reserve or release their lockers.

De Ruiter's Bakkerij lockers
De Ruiter's Bakkerij lockers
de ruiter lockers loqit

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