Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé – Leeuwarden (NL)

The Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé (CGBN) is an independent gymnasium located in Leeuwarden where more than 530 students are preparing for the future. Here, students are given the opportunity to broaden or deepen their education by following an Honors program or the Beyers Naudé Atelier. In addition, all kinds of other activities are organised, including excursions to the Roman Forum in Italy and to the Acropolis in Athens.

Every year a group of enthusiastic students from the CGBN leave for these special locations in Italy or Athens. The Roman Forum is a large archaeological park with several ruins that give you a glimpse into everyday life in Roman antiquity. The Acropolis of Athens is “the highest point of the city” where impressive sights can be found. The most important buildings are the Parthenon, the Nike Temple, the Propylaea and the Erechtheion.

Both places give you a unique insight into a special piece of history. And this experience has now been immortalized on the CGBN's school cleaners.

Electronic lockers

The locker room within the school is a real eye-catcher. The school lockers feature a sublimated print of the Roman Forum on one side and the Acropolis on the other. The robust steel lockers with a raised door and high-quality finishes were installed by Sonesto. The lockers are equipped with the latest electronic locking system from LoQit.


Beyers Naudé uses the SaaS application of LoQit – the possibility to purchase the complete locker management as a service. This makes the locker system easy to integrate or link with other systems and easy to manage via the Locker Managent System. Users can easily operate the lockers with any desired RFID card. They can link one or more cards to their account in the app and then open the school lockers with the linked card. 

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christelijk gymnasium beyers naude

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