Campus Eemsdelta Groningen (NL)

Campus Eemsdelta Groningen (NL) offers a home base to 1,700 students. From secondary education to senior secondary vocational education. The George Martens, Rudolph Pabus Cleveringa, Theda Mansholt and Noorderpoort are located there.

The campus therefore offers a varied range of education. Schools work together with each other and with associations and companies from the region. There will also be facilities for sports and cultural associations.

Learning and working, culture and sports, green, earthquake-resistant and energy-producing. Campus Eemsdelta Groningen contributes to a sustainable, social and safe future for the region.

More than 1400 new lockers with LoQit locking system

In cooperation with Oostwoud International LoQit has equipped more than 1400 lockers with a electronic locker system at the Eemsdelta in Appingedam. The new lockers are completely futureproof and easy to operate for both the user and the manager.

Functionalities electronic locking system

Campus Eemsdelta Groningen makes use of the opportunity to provide the complete locker management as a service to confiscate. This completely relieves the administrator in the field of ICT and the systems are always up to date in terms of security and functionalities. The locker management system is easy to link to a student tracking system or, for example, a learning environment. From the system, the administrator can easily send push messages and grant (new) users access. 

Another important feature that Eemsdelta uses is the KUARIO platform, including the payment function from the app (digital wallet). This is a unique functionality for electronic lockers that only LoQit has. This feature makes it possible for students to easily pay for the use of the lockers. For example, students can link their bank card to the digital wallet and easily top up their balance. Administrators are no longer responsible for the user credit.

kuario app locker system loqit
campus eemsdelta groningen
campus eemsdelta groningen
campus eemsdelta groningen

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