Battery locks vs. Wired locks for lockers

Electronic locking systems offer undeniable benefits for securely storing personal belongings. However, when comparing wired locks for lockers to battery locks, it quickly becomes apparent that wired locks are not only more environmentally friendly but also provide a reliable choice. Let's take a look at the impact of battery locks and why wired locks are a more sustainable and better option!

Reduced battery waste

Battery locks require regular battery replacements, especially in large-scale applications with numerous locks, such as in offices, schools, or public spaces. For 1000 locks, you would need approximately 3000 AA batteries. These batteries need to be discarded and replaced each time, which is not only time-consuming but also results in a significant amount of waste. This waste can have a negative impact on the environment.

Lower maintenance costs

Wired locks have significantly lower maintenance costs compared to battery locks. Once connected to the electrical grid, wired locks can last for years without needing battery replacements. This leads to significant long-term cost savings as there is no need for constant battery purchases.

Improved reliability

Wired locks have a stable power supply from the electrical grid, resulting in reliable operation. On the other hand, battery locks depend on the battery life, which can lead to unexpected failures or malfunctions when the batteries are almost empty. This can cause frustration for users and require additional maintenance time to check and replace the batteries.

Ease of use and functionality

Wired locks also offer advantages in terms of ease of use and functionality. Being connected to the electrical grid allows them to have additional features such as USB charging ports and LED lighting. This contributes to the comfort and user experience for locker users.

Sustainable electronic locking system

By choosing wired locks for your lockers instead of battery locks, you contribute to a greener footprint. Battery waste can significantly contribute to environmental pollution, especially in large-scale applications with numerous batteries. By opting for the electronic locking system from LoQit you reduce the amount of discarded batteries and promote a more sustainable environment. Additionally, it saves you both time and costs. 

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