City ​​center of Amstelveen (NL)

LoQit and Sonesto have supplied lockers to the shopping center in Amstelveen. The city center of Amstelveen offers shoppers the opportunity to store things safely while shopping.

Lomar Sports Villa – Animals

Are you looking for a gym or fitness club in Dieren where you can feel at home, get good personal coaching and achieve your goals? Then Lomar Sportvilla is the best choice! Lomar Sportvilla in Dieren is for everyone who wants to lose weight, work on a healthier lifestyle, build strength or feel fitter/energy. By means of tailor-made training schedules, personal guidance and a wide range of fitness and group lessons, everyone can achieve their personal goal at Lomar Sportvilla!

New partnering with Inepro

Met trots kunnen wij melden dat LoQit een samenwerking is aangegaan met Inepro BV. Inepro is een zeer gewaardeerde innovatieve leverancier / ontwikkelaar van cash of cashless betaaloplossingen en managementsystemen. In combinatie met hun betaal- en beheersplatform KUARIO en onze innovatieve elektronische sluitsystemen zijn wij ervan overtuigd dat wij een zeer gebruiksvriendelijke en eenvoudig te […]

Revius Lyceum – Doorn

We want students and staff to feel that they matter. In a safe environment, we discover who we are, what we can do and how we are meaningful to others and our environment. Through challenging activities inside and outside of class, we offer knowledge and skills. In addition, we encourage each other to be curious, creative and critical. And not unimportantly: we also work and learn to have fun!

New colleague: Stéphanie Hunnersen

Graag verwelkomen we Stéphanie Hunnersen als nieuwe aanwinst van het LoQit team. Stéphanie zal op ons kantoor in Heerenveen de rol van office manager op haar nemen. Op onze thuisbasis in Heerenveen is Stéphanie het aanspreekpunt voor onze klanten en partners. We wensen Stéphanie vel succes! Wil je meer weten over Stéphanie, kijk dan even […]

New colleague: Jan Betten

Per 1 september is Jan Betten gestart als Chief Technology Officer (CTO) bij LoQit. Jan is verantwoordelijk voor de verdere ontwikkeling van de technology roadmap van LoQit. We wensen Jan veel succes! Wil je meer weten over Jan, kijk dan even op zijn LinkedIn profiel. LinkedIn

Central Library The Hague

The Hague Library is there for all The Hague residents. It is the place where everyone has free access to information. The place that inspires all residents of The Hague to continue their development. A meeting place in the city. Where members borrow books, films and music. And see each other during one of our countless activities. Every year we welcome over 2.5 million visitors to our libraries.