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LoQit electronic lockers

Looking for an electronic locker? LoQit is happy to help you! It electronic locker system of LoQit is a premium locker system that will save you a lot of time and costs. Our entire system is set up in such a way as to unburden both users and administrators as much as possible. Users can easily manage the lockers in the KUARIO app and administrators use a management system. 




Customized electronic lockers

Whatever electronic lockers or issue systems you have: at LoQit we assure you of seamless integration within your organization. For example, we can easily link the system with any desired management information system or access control system. 

Whatever your wishes are, we have an electronic locking system to match. Together we would be happy to discuss the options for customizing a locking system that perfectly matches the use within your organisation. 

Possibilities of electronic lockers LoQit

LoQit's electronic lockers provide enormous time and cost savings. The locking system has been developed based on the principle of "self-management". This means that the administrator is relieved as much as possible and given a more monitoring task. The user gets more independence with regard to managing and using a locker. 

LoQit electronic lockers

LoQit supplies electronic locking systems for lockers and issue systems throughout Europe. Curious about the possibilities for your organization? Our experts are happy to think along with you! Feel free to contact us, request a demonstration or a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

An electronic locking system is an intelligent locking system that is equipped with electronics and controlled with software. This locking system can be powered in two ways: via mains power or via a battery. The lock can be easily operated via phone or tablet thanks to an app that can be downloaded from the Play store or Apple store. You can also operate some locking systems with a pin code, badge, key card or drop.

With an electronic locking system, the user can easily link his or her own account to the system and thus operate the locker anytime and anywhere. The administrator has a more supervisory role. He can adjust the settings for remote use and has real-time insight into locker usage. 

When an electronic locking system is connected to the mains, this means that the lock of each locker is wired separately. The power is then supplied to the locking system via the grid. This is a good option if you are having new lockers installed and don't want to experience the drawbacks of continuously replacing batteries for battery locks.

By choosing a wired locking system, you also have more options for using the locker lock. For example, you can add time restrictions from the software, set when lockers are released by default or add payment options. And the screen can also be customized in detail.

There are many ways to close off access to lockers and/or vending systems. Nowadays this is increasingly done electronically and this offers many advantages. The benefits differ per provider. The LoQit locking system is very easy to use. The system is clear, easy to manage and you can centrally authorize access for lockers and issue systems. 

  • At LoQit we work with a SaaS solution. Administrators and users work from an account and in this way can arrange a lot themselves.
  • The user can use the locker very easy via the LoQit app and the administrator can manage all lockers in one clear system.
  • Users can pay easily via the Wallet in the LoQit app. A payment platform that only the LoQit locking system has.  
  • In the app, the user can link any desired RFID card to the account. For example, the user can remove a card in the event of loss or link a new card.
  • The LoQit locking system can be integrated or linked to any desired system. Very clear for the administrator.
  • This one may sound a bit crazy, but LoQit's locking system includes little electronics. This makes the system less sensitive to environmental factors.

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