Organisational changes LoQit and Sonesto

Directors and shareholders decided after consultation and multiple strategic sessions that a separate market position of both Sonesto and LoQit will enable them to exploit their opportunities better.

Sonesto B.V. will become part of MVO Producten BV (MVO). MVO is a holding company with different subsidiaries who are active as assembly and trading company. Sharing an assembly hall and other production related facilities, but also a shared passion for social responsible products/solutions. With the company Dutch Special Solutions BV there is also an overlay in customer segments.

In this new group structure Sonesto can further develop new applications for lockers. Harm Munneke is appointed as managing director for MVO. Harm is a very experienced managing director with a proven track record in high-tech production companies in the Netherlands.

As a stand-alone company LoQit will be independently positioned in the market for the further rollout of its strategy for electronic locking systems and locker management software. Alex Vogelzang (Managing Director LoQit) and MACH Technology Group, a strategic partner, will both step in as shareholders of LoQit.