Flexible solutions
for your locker system

With decades of experience in the field of safe storage, LoQit has developed a state-of-the-art electronic locking system. This fits perfectly with the requirements and wishes of today and tomorrow. A very user-friendly and intuitive high-tech platform for both users and administrators of locker systems aimed at making your business operations as efficient as possible. Regardless of what kind of industry you work in, LoQit will provide a customized solution for your business, with the possibility to integrate into your existing systems.

Tailor-made solutions to suit your situation

Lockermanagement software

To keep the management burden of the LoQit system administrator as low as possible, LoQit has been developed on the pillars of 'Self-Management'. The user is given more independence with regard to the management and use of his or her locker(s). The administrator will be relieved of a monitoring task rather than operational. The settings for use can be adjusted remotely by the administrator. Think about this:

    • Changing the method of opening: push-to-open, pop-to-open
    • Easily adjust the layout of the lockers by 'click and drag' on the existing floor plan of the location in the locker management system.
    • Creating groups of type of users and corresponding configuration think of: fixed/dynamic use, pay/not pay, large/small locker on a certain locker wall.


The locker user can manage and use his or her lockers independently. All that is needed is the LoQit app (iOS and Android). The app allows the user to use a mobile device:

    • Easily link cards to his or her account
    • Pay for the use of lockers and any (future) vending machines, coffee machines, printers or in restaurants
    • If the user does not have a mobile device, the user can also create an account on a computer and link cards.
    • A guest can also easily create an account and link a card to it without the intervention of the administrator. The guest can also use his or her existing Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or Google account.

Cloud management

Do you want complete relief in the field of your IT? At LoQit you have the possibility to purchase the complete locker management as a service.

LoQit guarantees security by using all functionalities within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The user information is stored within the Microsoft Azure environment according to the GDPR (AVG) guidelines. The Azure datacenters are:

      • ISO 27001/27002 certified for information security
      • SOC1/SOC2 and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 certified

All data traffic that takes place between the lockers and the Locker Management Software is sent via HTTPS (TLS) encryption.

System Integration

LoQit is always looking for the best solution for you. You may already be using a security, smart building, HR or facility management system, for example. The flexibility of the LoQit locker management system makes it possible to easily link or even integrate with your existing systems. The goal: to create the most efficient way of working for you and your employees.