Dressing room

The LoQit electronic locking system is extremely suitable for use in both public changing rooms in, for example, gyms as well as in company changing rooms. By dynamically setting up lockers within the locker management software, it is possible for anonymous users to temporarily use lockers with a PIN code, card or app on a mobile device so the lockers are always available for use. It is also possible to assign lockers to personnel so that employees can keep their own locker. Time restrictions can ensure that lockers are not used to store things for long periods of time instead of temporary storage space. This allows the lockers to be opened periodically by the locker administrators. These time restrictions can be linked to push messages via the app. Links with other systems such as HR platforms or member administration are possible with the LoQit software. If you work in shifts, LoQit's functionality is the perfect solution.

Third-party integration

Are you already using workstation software or do you have an access control platform with which you want to integrate? Our locker management software is written in such a way that it is easy to create links or even fully integrate with other software systems.

Design for hygiene

LoQit's locker lock is the most innovative system on the market in terms of both function and design. With, among other things, the possibility to charge a smartphone and integrated LED lighting, the inside of the locker also looks fantastic. The lock is software moderately adjustable to open the doors by means of 'push to open'. Because of this, the doors handle is loose and therefore easy to clean and kept clean. LoQit offers an ideal solution, especially in hospitals, gyms and industries where hygiene plays a major role.

Flexible in use

Whether you provide your employees with their own locker or whether you want to use the lockers dynamically, LoQit makes it possible. The lockers can be operated by a mobile device, company card, PIN code or even a finger scan, which means no more hassle with lost keys or replacing batteries. In the unlikely event that your employees are unable to access their locker, as an administrator you can easily support them remotely by using the locker management software.

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